Sunday, July 17, 2011

Work done July 15-16

On Friday, 2011 July 15, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance, Ruth, and new volunteer
Terry (alphabetical)

* harvested about 43 pounds "CA White" and 3 pounds "Red La Soda"
from bed AB10;

* harvested about 35 pounds potatoes from bed CDE10; this bed contained a few CA White on the W end, with the remaining being Norkotah Russet;

* spread grass clippings on south slope of beds A6, B5, B6, and AB7;

* watered 3 fairly dry beds; and

* weeded (as always).

On Saturday, 2011 July 16, Bruce, Judy, Lance, and Mark

* emplaced a course of trellis wire over bed C1 for cucumbers;

* removed African Horned cucumbers (seed inventory #60) from bed C1,
since they were overrunning other crops;

* harvested all remaining onions from bed A2, to free it for next crops;

* double-dug, manured, smoothed, and removed stones from bed A2;

* planted three varieties of carrots in the two northern rows in bed
A2, four more rows are to be planted later, see details below;

* repaired T-Tape problems in beds B5 and AB7;

* positioned bed boxes on north end of garden for leveling / filling;

* leveled formerly-potato beds CDE10 and most of AB10;

* manured, dug six hills, and planted summer squash in the west end
of bed AB10, near the volunteer squash/pumpkins, more detail below;

* weeded.

We intend succession plantings of carrots in bed A2.  The northern
rows are planted first, and planting will be north to south, so that
new short plantings are not shaded by old taller plantings.  The
varieties planted in the two northern rows of A2 are
* Long Imperator 58 (seed inventory #78), in west third of northern row;
* King Midas (#81), in east two-thirds of northern row;
* Babette (#83), in second row.

The six hills of summer squash planted in the west end of bed AB10
have three varieties: Italian Romanesco F1 hybrid (seed inventory #243),
Supersett F1 hybrid yellow crookneck (#244), and Benning's Green Tint
pattypan (#245).  We intend to thin to one plant per hill when we are
convinced that we would not be selecting another volunteer.  (Volunteer
squash are still germinating and sprouting in this area.)  From west
to east, the hills contain Romanesco, Supersett, and Bennings, and then
again Romanesco, Supersett, and Bennings.  The Romanesco is expected to
be similar to an open-pollinated variety, Costata Romanesco, which has
large bushes, so the hills containing Romanesco F1 have more space for
growth.  This planting is late, so we do not expect a large extended
crop but do expect enough to evaluate the flavor and quality of the

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