Sunday, July 31, 2011

Work done Friday-Sunday July 29-31

On Friday-Sunday 2011 July 29-31, there were garden work sessions.
Friday's was at the standing time, the others were impromptu.

The major efforts were to complete inventories of some of the crops
and to begin moving the fence as the first step in expanding the garden.
Weeding (surprise) was done all three days.

On Friday, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance, and Mark (alphabetical)
* watered volunteer unidentified crops in the far-eastern bed,
  these seem to be squash and melons;
* completed the pepper inventory in beds A7 and A8; and
* began mulching the younger peppers in those beds.

The garden had received another pile of grass clippings that we use to
mulch.  All three varieties of beans planted in the "three sisters" garden
in beds F1 and F2 have sprouted.

On Saturday, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance, Mark, and Ruth
* planned first steps for moving and expanding the garden fence,
* completed mulching the younger peppers, and
* removed some large rocks from the garden expansion area.

Squash bugs were found on one Raven zucchini squash plant in bed B3,
both adults and nymphs.  The ones that were seen were squashed.

On Sunday, Bruce, Lance, and Mark
* tied a few sprawling tomatoes to their trellises,
* began watering a pile of dirt that is nearly rock-hard and is
  intended to be moved into raised beds, and
* continued moving and expanding the fence.

We observed that many of the new lettuce plants have been damaged,
almost certainly by a local flock of wild turkeys.  A protective
cover, which had been removed to make weeding easier,
has been put back in place.  It is big enough to protect about half
of the lettuce plants.

Three cultivars of summer squash were planted in western bed AB10 on
July 16.  Two cultivars sprouted within a few days.  The third,
Benning's Green Tint, was first observed August 2.

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