Wednesday, July 27, 2011

garden harvest and work for 2011 July 26-27

On Tuesday morning 2011 July 26, Bruce and Lance (alphabetical) harvested
39 heads of lettuce from the GoG auxiliary.  From the main garden they
harvested 17 cucumbers (about 8 pounds), about 8 pounds kale, a zucchini
(about 1 pound), about 6 pounds Swiss chard, and 6 pattypan squash (about
5 pounds).  They also watered newly planted beans (in beds F1 and F2); weeded;
mulched (with grass clippings) beds A1, B1, B2, B3, B5, A6, and B6;
and "fertigated" the productive squash plants in beds B3 and west AB7
using compost-manure tea.  Four of the harvested cucumbers were about 12
inches long, others were mostly 5-6 inches.  The harvests were delivered
to Open Heart Kitchen.

On Tuesday evening, Bruce, Lance, and Mark increased the height of four
trellises, in beds A1, B1, D1, and E1.  Three trellises, in beds
C1, C2, and D2, have not had their height increased.  Some tomatoes
were tied to the trellis in bed C2.

On Wednesday morning 2011 July 27, Bruce, Diana, and Lance (alphabetical)
haarvested about 187 carrots (emptying bed A4), 2 zucchini, 8 pattypan
squash, 57 peppers (mostly "sweet banana", but at least one of them was
hot), about two dozen tomatoes (over half of them "yellow pear"), 26 onions,
and a kale plant that had bolted.  From the auxiliary garden, 23 heads
of lettuce were harvested.  They also weeded and mulched with more
grass clippings.

Open Heart Kitchen gave the garden a pair of herb plants.

On Wednesday evening, Bruce, Lance, and Mark watered many beds and
discussed plans for garden expansion.

We have discussed how to put harvests in the crop log, and decided we
need a separate (set of) log(s) instead.  We probably want a separate
record (or spreadsheet row) each time we harvest from a logged crop.  We
are experimenting with such information, using hokey crop identifiers
until crop numbers stabilize, to see how well it seems to work.

We have included some details of the July 26-27 harvest below in an
experimental format which is intended to be suitable for input into
spreadsheets or databases.  We do not intend to make this detail
routinely available in the blog in the future.

If anyone notices that some fields should be added to the harvest log,
please let us know.  Here are the fields currently being tried.
(The "hokey-Crop-ID" is likely to be replaced by a real crop ID from
the crop log, plus a human-friendly crop description.)  One of the
reasons for a separate "unit" field is that a what we call a crop
(e.g., a variety of vegetable planted in a particular bed on a
particular day) might yield crops of different units.  For instance,
a bean plant could yield snap bean pods, or shelly (green) beans,
or dried beans.



(The three lettuces above filled a 5-cubic-foot cooler.  Other than that,
we don't have volume or weight information.)

"20110726","Gog-B3-squash-raven-f1-35-date","1","fruit","1 pound","","OHK"

(We estimated a total 8 pounds of cucumbers, and
a total of 10 cucumbers other than yamato extra long.
At this time, we are estimating weights by feel.  Weights may be unreliable.)

"20110726","Gog-A6-kale-vates-blue-curled-70-date","","leaves","8 pounds","","OHK"
"20110726","Gog-E2-chard-various-accNumbers-date","","leaves","6 pounds","","OHK"
"20110726","Gog-AB7-squash-pattypan-yellow-accNumber-date","5","fruit","4 pounds","","OHK"
"20110726","Gog-AB7-squash-pattypan-white-accNumber-date","1","fruit","1 pound","","OHK"
"20110727","Gog-A4-thirdRowFromNorth-carrot-king-midas-f1-81-date", "37","root+top","","","OHK"

Again, the lettuce harvest just about filled the same 5-cubic-foot cooler.

"20110727","Gog-AB7-squash-pattypan-white-accNumber-date", "5","fruit","","","OHK"
"20110727","Gog-B3-squash-pattypan-yellow-accNumber-date", "1","fruit","","","OHK"
"20110727","Gog-B3-squash-pattypan-white-accNumber-date",  "1","fruit","","","OHK"

At least one of the 57 peppers was hot, not sweet.

"20110727","Gog-A1-onion-fortress-42-date","26","bulb+top","30 pounds","","OHK"

-- Lance

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