Sunday, July 31, 2011

Work done Friday-Sunday July 29-31

On Friday-Sunday 2011 July 29-31, there were garden work sessions.
Friday's was at the standing time, the others were impromptu.

The major efforts were to complete inventories of some of the crops
and to begin moving the fence as the first step in expanding the garden.
Weeding (surprise) was done all three days.

On Friday, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance, and Mark (alphabetical)
* watered volunteer unidentified crops in the far-eastern bed,
  these seem to be squash and melons;
* completed the pepper inventory in beds A7 and A8; and
* began mulching the younger peppers in those beds.

The garden had received another pile of grass clippings that we use to
mulch.  All three varieties of beans planted in the "three sisters" garden
in beds F1 and F2 have sprouted.

On Saturday, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance, Mark, and Ruth
* planned first steps for moving and expanding the garden fence,
* completed mulching the younger peppers, and
* removed some large rocks from the garden expansion area.

Squash bugs were found on one Raven zucchini squash plant in bed B3,
both adults and nymphs.  The ones that were seen were squashed.

On Sunday, Bruce, Lance, and Mark
* tied a few sprawling tomatoes to their trellises,
* began watering a pile of dirt that is nearly rock-hard and is
  intended to be moved into raised beds, and
* continued moving and expanding the fence.

We observed that many of the new lettuce plants have been damaged,
almost certainly by a local flock of wild turkeys.  A protective
cover, which had been removed to make weeding easier,
has been put back in place.  It is big enough to protect about half
of the lettuce plants.

Three cultivars of summer squash were planted in western bed AB10 on
July 16.  Two cultivars sprouted within a few days.  The third,
Benning's Green Tint, was first observed August 2.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crop Log on the Blog

Here is the most updated Crop Log

garden harvest and work for 2011 July 26-27

On Tuesday morning 2011 July 26, Bruce and Lance (alphabetical) harvested
39 heads of lettuce from the GoG auxiliary.  From the main garden they
harvested 17 cucumbers (about 8 pounds), about 8 pounds kale, a zucchini
(about 1 pound), about 6 pounds Swiss chard, and 6 pattypan squash (about
5 pounds).  They also watered newly planted beans (in beds F1 and F2); weeded;
mulched (with grass clippings) beds A1, B1, B2, B3, B5, A6, and B6;
and "fertigated" the productive squash plants in beds B3 and west AB7
using compost-manure tea.  Four of the harvested cucumbers were about 12
inches long, others were mostly 5-6 inches.  The harvests were delivered
to Open Heart Kitchen.

On Tuesday evening, Bruce, Lance, and Mark increased the height of four
trellises, in beds A1, B1, D1, and E1.  Three trellises, in beds
C1, C2, and D2, have not had their height increased.  Some tomatoes
were tied to the trellis in bed C2.

On Wednesday morning 2011 July 27, Bruce, Diana, and Lance (alphabetical)
haarvested about 187 carrots (emptying bed A4), 2 zucchini, 8 pattypan
squash, 57 peppers (mostly "sweet banana", but at least one of them was
hot), about two dozen tomatoes (over half of them "yellow pear"), 26 onions,
and a kale plant that had bolted.  From the auxiliary garden, 23 heads
of lettuce were harvested.  They also weeded and mulched with more
grass clippings.

Open Heart Kitchen gave the garden a pair of herb plants.

On Wednesday evening, Bruce, Lance, and Mark watered many beds and
discussed plans for garden expansion.

We have discussed how to put harvests in the crop log, and decided we
need a separate (set of) log(s) instead.  We probably want a separate
record (or spreadsheet row) each time we harvest from a logged crop.  We
are experimenting with such information, using hokey crop identifiers
until crop numbers stabilize, to see how well it seems to work.

We have included some details of the July 26-27 harvest below in an
experimental format which is intended to be suitable for input into
spreadsheets or databases.  We do not intend to make this detail
routinely available in the blog in the future.

If anyone notices that some fields should be added to the harvest log,
please let us know.  Here are the fields currently being tried.
(The "hokey-Crop-ID" is likely to be replaced by a real crop ID from
the crop log, plus a human-friendly crop description.)  One of the
reasons for a separate "unit" field is that a what we call a crop
(e.g., a variety of vegetable planted in a particular bed on a
particular day) might yield crops of different units.  For instance,
a bean plant could yield snap bean pods, or shelly (green) beans,
or dried beans.



(The three lettuces above filled a 5-cubic-foot cooler.  Other than that,
we don't have volume or weight information.)

"20110726","Gog-B3-squash-raven-f1-35-date","1","fruit","1 pound","","OHK"

(We estimated a total 8 pounds of cucumbers, and
a total of 10 cucumbers other than yamato extra long.
At this time, we are estimating weights by feel.  Weights may be unreliable.)

"20110726","Gog-A6-kale-vates-blue-curled-70-date","","leaves","8 pounds","","OHK"
"20110726","Gog-E2-chard-various-accNumbers-date","","leaves","6 pounds","","OHK"
"20110726","Gog-AB7-squash-pattypan-yellow-accNumber-date","5","fruit","4 pounds","","OHK"
"20110726","Gog-AB7-squash-pattypan-white-accNumber-date","1","fruit","1 pound","","OHK"
"20110727","Gog-A4-thirdRowFromNorth-carrot-king-midas-f1-81-date", "37","root+top","","","OHK"

Again, the lettuce harvest just about filled the same 5-cubic-foot cooler.

"20110727","Gog-AB7-squash-pattypan-white-accNumber-date", "5","fruit","","","OHK"
"20110727","Gog-B3-squash-pattypan-yellow-accNumber-date", "1","fruit","","","OHK"
"20110727","Gog-B3-squash-pattypan-white-accNumber-date",  "1","fruit","","","OHK"

At least one of the 57 peppers was hot, not sweet.

"20110727","Gog-A1-onion-fortress-42-date","26","bulb+top","30 pounds","","OHK"

-- Lance

Sunday, July 24, 2011

24Jul11 Manure tea and carrot germination

On 24Jul11, Mark started a batch of manure tea in a 44 gallon Brute trash can, placed just N of the back fence, S of the standpipe.  In it he dumped 3 cu. ft. of manure blend (Home Depot) and 1 cu. ft. of steer manure (Lowe's).  He then filled the can to the top with water, stirred, and placed the lid tightly.

Also, the first signs of germinating carrots have appeared on bed A2.  He watered that bed.  He also water the lettuces on AB10.

Garden work 23 July 11

On 23Jul11, Mark weeded beds AB7, AB8,  AB9, B5, B4, and most of C1.  Pigweed was dominant, with a few, especially among the tomatoes, in flower.  Other weeds were:

Knotweed, mature
Cheeseweed, seedlings
Lamb's quarters, seedlings
Henbit, a few weaklings
Crabgrass, seedlings
Bindweed, short sprouts

Beds still needing attention are A2, E2 and the N-end of D1.  Also, the walking aisles among the tomatoes are in need of weeding.

Tomato tying: Mark tied back all tomatoes that were falling into walking aisles.


Pepper: several of the yellow banana peppers, on bed B2 and AB7 are ready or near-ready for harvest.

Carrots: Bed A2, on which carrots were recently planted, showed no signs of germination, however a large number of pigweed seedlings were present.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 July 22: students, harvest, and garden work

On Friday morning, 2011 July 22, Bruce and Lance and a class of
VBS 4th and 5th graders:

transplanted 6 lettuce plants into bed AB10;
pulled some weeds;
harvested about 20 carrots from bed A4,
some chard from bed E2,
some collards from bed B3,
some zucchini summer squash from bed B3,
some pattypan squash from beds B3 and AB7, and
a few tomatoes from various beds;
rinsed the carrots;
and delivered the harvest to Jody Michalik of Open Heart Kitchen.

   On Friday afternoon 2011 July 22 Bruce, Lance, Ron, and Ruth

* transplanted in bed AB10 more lettuce (details below)
* planted bean seeds in beds F1 and F2 (details below)
* planted a few carrot seeds in bed B2 (details below)
* watered lettuce, recently-seeded carrots, volunteer pumpkin/squash
  in bed AB10, and volunteer plants (squash? melons?) in a new bed at
  the east end of the garden
* treated powdery mildew on a couple of summer squash (details below)
* did some weeding.

Details for transplanting lettuce into bed AB10:

The following varieties of lettuce were transplanted, from east to
west, into bed AB10:
10 Green Oakleaf
4 "Red leaf" (the identifying tag was lost)
6 Bunte Forellenschluss
6 Forellenschluss
5 Gold Rush
3 Webb's Wonderful
10 Australian Yellow Leaf
5 Tennis Ball

   This includes lettuce plants transplanted by students in the morning
and volunteers in the afternoon.  These transplants were placed west
of lettuces occupying roughly the east half of bed AB10, and east of
various squashes growing in the west end of bed AB10.

Details for planting beans in beds F1 and F2:

11 Rattlesnake locations in the northern corn patch of bed F1
   near "Sugar Buns" and "Earth Tones" corn,
11 Romano Musica locations in the southern corn patch of bed F1
   near "Painted Mountain" corn,
11 Scarlet Runner locations in the northern corn patch of bed F2
   near "Stowell's Evergreen" corn,
11 Rattlesnake locations in the middle corn patch of bed F2
   near "Double Standard" corn, and
11 Romano Musica locations in the southern corn patch of bed F2
   near "Sugar Buns" corn.

   Since bed F1 is north of bed F2, the patches are listed in
north-to-south order.

   Two bean seeds were planted per location.  In each corn patch, 5
locations are in the east side of the patch and 6 are in the west side.

   The corn patches are separated by patches of Waltham Butternut
squash.  Beans, corn, and squash constitute a "three-sisters"
traditional Native American garden.

Details on the carrot planting:

   A few carrot seeds were planted at the west end of the third-from-
north row of bed A2.  This is an experiment to presprout carrot seeds,
intended to help them sprout faster and more reliably.  We suspect a
few mistakes were made in the pre-sprouting process, but hope for some
useful results.  The variety is Bolero Nantes (seed inventory #82).

Details regarding powdery mildew:

   Two summer squash plants in bed B3 appear to be suffering powdery
mildew.  We tried to treat them by applying a sodium-bicarbonate
solution, as explained in "Gardening When it Counts", by Steve
Solomon.  We dissolved a quarter-teaspoon of the chemical in a cup
of water, added a little detergent so the solution would not run off
the leaves, and treated much of one plant, and one leaf of another
plant.  Results are not yet known.  We do not want to continue this
exact treatment for long, as excess sodium is somewhat toxic in
garden soil (salts build up).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 19 harvest and July 20 planting

On Tuesday 2011 July 19, Bruce, Dick, Judy, Lance, and Terri
(alphabetical) harvested and did other work.  Harvested:

* a small tub of "Georgia Southern" collards (seed inventory #91)
from bed B3;

* 2 pattypan and about 6 zucchini "Raven F1" summer squash
(#35) from bed B3;

* a pattypan summer squash from west end of bed AB7;

* 31 "Touchon Deluxe" (#88) carrots from the two northern rows of bed A4;

* 24 "King Midas F1" (#81) carrots from the third-from-north row of bed A4;

* 53 "coreless Amsterdam" (#87) carrots from the three southern rows of bed A4;

* small crops of tomatoes including variety "Yellow Pear" (#256) from
bed A1, some from bed A2, and some from bed E1;

* two small tubs "Vates Blue Curled" kale (#70) from bed A6;

* a few more potatoes from beds AB10 and CDE10;

* two large coolers of lettuce from the Garden of Grace Auxiliary.  These comprised the varieties:
Ashely, Rosalita, Cimmaron and Freckles, totally approx 60 heads

The above vegetables plus some previously-harvested potatoes and garlic
were delivered to Open Heart Kitchen.

Beds AB10 (excluding the west end now populated by volunteer squash and
new hills of summer squash) and CDE10 were fertilized with composted
manure, which was mixed into the top four inches (roughly), and were
leveled.  The newly-harvested potatoes were discovered during this work.

Some weeds, as always, were pulled.

Aphids were found on a couple of the collard plants in bed B3, powdery
mildew is being monitored on a couple of the Raven zucchini plants in bed B3,
and we are puzzled by wilting of the golden hubbard squash in bed B6.

On Wednesday, 2011 July 19, Bruce, Lance, and Terri transplanted lettuce in
roughly the eastern half of bed AB10.  Twelve of each of the following
varieties were transplanted (except that there were 14 Tennis ball plants).
They are listed in order of planting, starting at the east end of the bed.

* Rouge d'Hiver
* Mascara
* Bronze Arrowhead
* Speckle
* Amish Deertongue
* Reine des Glaces
* Slobolt
* Tango
* Pablo
* Tennis Ball

A 20 ft long ENT frame with deer netting was placed over the newly planted lettuces. Early Thursday afternoon, a 24 ft length (6 ft wide) of 40% shade netting was pinned onto the frame/netting. The netting belongs to Bruce and will be returned after the lettuces are harvested. The netting and shade cover should prevent the turkeys from damaging the lettuces.

An explosion of Pig Weed seedlings is pushing up through the grass mulch on most of the beds.  The weeds pull out easily and quickly by simple grabbing the grass mulch and clippings together. We will need to focus on weeding over the next week.

The upper course of fencing needs to be cut/secured on all of the trellises.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Work done July 15-16

On Friday, 2011 July 15, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance, Ruth, and new volunteer
Terry (alphabetical)

* harvested about 43 pounds "CA White" and 3 pounds "Red La Soda"
from bed AB10;

* harvested about 35 pounds potatoes from bed CDE10; this bed contained a few CA White on the W end, with the remaining being Norkotah Russet;

* spread grass clippings on south slope of beds A6, B5, B6, and AB7;

* watered 3 fairly dry beds; and

* weeded (as always).

On Saturday, 2011 July 16, Bruce, Judy, Lance, and Mark

* emplaced a course of trellis wire over bed C1 for cucumbers;

* removed African Horned cucumbers (seed inventory #60) from bed C1,
since they were overrunning other crops;

* harvested all remaining onions from bed A2, to free it for next crops;

* double-dug, manured, smoothed, and removed stones from bed A2;

* planted three varieties of carrots in the two northern rows in bed
A2, four more rows are to be planted later, see details below;

* repaired T-Tape problems in beds B5 and AB7;

* positioned bed boxes on north end of garden for leveling / filling;

* leveled formerly-potato beds CDE10 and most of AB10;

* manured, dug six hills, and planted summer squash in the west end
of bed AB10, near the volunteer squash/pumpkins, more detail below;

* weeded.

We intend succession plantings of carrots in bed A2.  The northern
rows are planted first, and planting will be north to south, so that
new short plantings are not shaded by old taller plantings.  The
varieties planted in the two northern rows of A2 are
* Long Imperator 58 (seed inventory #78), in west third of northern row;
* King Midas (#81), in east two-thirds of northern row;
* Babette (#83), in second row.

The six hills of summer squash planted in the west end of bed AB10
have three varieties: Italian Romanesco F1 hybrid (seed inventory #243),
Supersett F1 hybrid yellow crookneck (#244), and Benning's Green Tint
pattypan (#245).  We intend to thin to one plant per hill when we are
convinced that we would not be selecting another volunteer.  (Volunteer
squash are still germinating and sprouting in this area.)  From west
to east, the hills contain Romanesco, Supersett, and Bennings, and then
again Romanesco, Supersett, and Bennings.  The Romanesco is expected to
be similar to an open-pollinated variety, Costata Romanesco, which has
large bushes, so the hills containing Romanesco F1 have more space for
growth.  This planting is late, so we do not expect a large extended
crop but do expect enough to evaluate the flavor and quality of the

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 July 12-13 harvests

On Tuesday, 2011 July 12, Bruce and Lance (alphabetical) harvested the

* About 52 carrots were picked from each of the two southern rows of bed
A4.  The variety in both rows was "coreless Amsterdam" (#87).  We estimated
they weighed 22 pounds including tops.
* About 16 onions were picked from bed A1.  The weight, including greens,
was estimated as about 18 pounds.
* The potatoes that were harvested on July 9 were delivered to Open Heart.
* The beets picked and pickled on June 18 were delivered to Open Heart,
and one of the kitchen volunteers praised them.  See the June 18 blog entry
for details.

The carrots in the most-southern row were harder to pull, probably
because the soil was less shaded and became harder.

On Wednesday, 2011 July 13, Bruce, Judy, and Lance (alphabetical) did some
weeding and harvested the following for Open Heart.

* 6 Raven zucchini (#35) were picked from bed B3.  This was about 2 pounds.
* 1 cucumber, probably "Tasty Jade F1" (#187), was picked; about 8 ounces.
* 2 yellow pattypan squashes were picked from bed AB9; about 4 ounces.
* 1 yellow pattypan squash was picked from bed B3; about 2 ounces.
* 1 tub of swiss chard, assorted varieties, was picked from bed E2; about
10-15 pounds.
* 1 tub Vates blue curled kale (#70) was picked from bed A6; about 20 pounds.
* 40 carrots, coreless Amsterdam (#87), were picked from the third row
  (counting from the south side) of bed A4; about 8 pounds.
* 35 onions (about 7 from bed A2 and 28 from bed A1) were picked; about
  30-35 pounds including greens.
* About 8 pounds of Georgia Southern collards (#91) were picked from
  bed B3.
* About 20 pounds of Red La Sota potatoes were dug from bed AB10.
We think all Red La Sota potatoes have been harvested, except for a
few that became interplanted with volunteer squash.

A small lettuce delivery was also made, consisting of:
10 heads Freckles #224
2 heads Ashley #222
1 head Rosalita #223

This lettuce was grown at the GOG Auxiliary #1.

Seed planting 13Jul11

On 13Jul11, the following seeds were planted in the greenhouse:

Lettuce, Jericho, #266, 96 plts
Orach, Double Purple, #267, 24 plts
Purslane, Golden, #263, 24 plts

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Planting day 2011 July 9, Saturday

At an impromptu planting day, these people (listed more or less
alphabetically) worked: the Brunells (John, Mark, Maya, Miki),
Emily, Judy, and Lance.

Garlic and shallots were harvested from beds A3 and B5.  These were purchased from Lockhart Seed Co. and planted on 6Oct10 (JD 279), making 276 days from planting to harvest.  These were taken home by Mark for storage.  Counts, which include plants stored by Ruth and Bruce, are:

Soft-neck garlic (CA Late White): 193 heads
Hard-neck garlic (Spanish Roja): 84 heads
Dutch Yellow Shallots: 225 individual bulbs

Note that garlic has been harvested previously, and the above numbers do not include those plants.  The garlic and shallot beds became available for planting.

Potatoes (Red La Soda) were harvested from the western end
of bed AB10.  These were planted from seed purchased at Lockhart Seed Co. in Stockton.  They were planted 22Jan11 (JD 22), and harvested on 9Jul11 (JD 190), making 168 days of growth.  About 5/6 cubic foot, totaling 28 pounds, were harvested.  A few potato plants in the area, surrounded by
volunteer squash plants, were not harvested, to try to spare
the squash.

These tomatoes were planted:
5 "Royal Flush" (#213) tomatoes, in bed E2.
5 "San Marzano" (#211) Roma-type tomatoes, in bed C1.
2 "Odoriko" (#214) tomatoes, in bed C1.  Bed C1 is now full.
11 "Basrawya" tomatoes, in bed D1.  Bed D1 is now full.

These eggplants were planted:
6 "Black Beauty" (#19) eggplants, in bed E2.  Bed E2 is now full.

For the following bean plantings, narrow furrows were created (with a colinear hoe) between the T-tape lines, and all seeds were placed at a 2 inch longitudinal spacing.  Transverse spacing was determined by the number of T-tape lines on the particular bed.

These soybeans were planted, intended as a cover or green-manure crop:
4 rows of "Viking" (#237) soybeans, in bed B6.  The bed is shared with golden
Hubbard squash and a lavender herb, and is full.

Bush beans (P. vulgaris) were planted in beds AB9, A3, B4, B5.  Details:

In bed AB9, "Royal Burgundy" beans (#185) were planted to fill gaps in the east
end of the bed.  The beans are in 4 rows.  They are arranged in blocks.
The "Royal Burgundy" block is at the east end (with some squash mixed in).
Proceeding to the west, the other blocks contain "Gold Rush" wax beans (#239),
dwarf horticultural "Taylor's cranberry" beans (#241), and "Purple Queen" (#240).  This bed is now full.

In bed B5, 4 rows of beans were planted.  They were planted in 3 blocks,
from east to west the blocks contain "Taylor's cranberry" (#241), "Gold Rush" (#239),
and "Purple Queen" (#240).  This bed is now full.

In bed B4, "Royal Burgundy" (#185) beans were planted in a small area previously
occupied by two large cabbage plants.  This bed is now full, it contains
mostly 4 rows of "Royal Burgundy" beans and about 10 melon vines.

In bed A3, 5 rows were planted, in 4 blocks.  From east to west, the
blocks contain "Royal Burgundy" (we have used all seed of that kind),
"Taylor's Cranberry", "Gold Rush", and "Purple Queen".  The bed is full.

Some other work was done.

In various beds, tomatoes were tied to their trellises as needed.

Collards or kale that had been allowed to go to seed in bed A2 were
pulled; enough seed had been harvested.  This bed is idle except for
the east end, which contains onions.

Some weeds were pulled.  Many remain.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seed planting 8Jul11

On 8Jul11, the following seeds were planted in the greenhouse:

Spinach, Catalina, #115, 48 plts
Spinach, Summer Perfection, #119, 24 plts
Arugula, #114, 24 plts
Chard, Fordhook Giant, #142, 24 plts
Mustard, Southern Giant Curled, #98, 24 plts
Kale, Winterbor Hybrid, #166, 24 plts
Kohlrabi, Superschmelz, #235, 24 plts
Collard, Flash Hybrid, #90, 24 plts
Kale, Red Russian, #34, 24 plts

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 5 and 6 harvests

  On Wednesday, 2011 July 6, Bruce, Judy, and Lance (alphabetical) harvested

* 2 small red tomatoes from bed A1
* 7 Raven zucchini (3 rather large, 4 small) from bed B3
* 18 King Midas carrots from bed A4

  We also immobilized T-tape in beds D1, E2, F1, and F2.

  On Tuesday, 2011 July 5, Bruce and Lance harvested

* 2/3 tub of Vates Blue Curled Kale from bed B6
* about 15 pounds chard from bed E2
* about 2/3 tub of Georgia Collards from bed B3
* 3 about-10-inch-long Raven zucchini from bed B3
* 47 carrots, Touchon deluxe, about 15 pounds, from bed A4

  We planted some herbs that had been donatede to Open Heart Kitchen,
mostly in bed C1.

  We also immobilized T-tape in beds AB8 and AB9.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden work summary for 6/29, 7/1 and 7/2/2011

Wednesday, 6/29/11 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon: Judy, Lance, Emily, and Bruce accomplished the following:

1) Harvested 99 Imperator carrots (about 45 lbs of roots and greens) from bed A5 (bed is bare now).. The carrots were large averaging abour10 to 12 inches with some specimens 14 to 18 inches long and 2-1/2 inches in diameter at the top. Flaover was good although they were probably juicier a week or two ago.

2) Harvested first four Raven zucchini from B3 (plants are growing vigorously and setting fruit on every plant. Yellow summer squash were partially shaded and crowded by Georgia Southern Collards and have not set fruit yet.

3) Harvested a tub (about 1.5 bushels) of Georgia Southern Collards. Plants are growing vigorously and leaves taste a little like turnip greens.  Seems to be a good summer variety of collard. Cut bottom course of leaves/stems.

4) Planted about 6 Sweet Basil plants provided by a person from the OHK. and healed in two Thyme plants.

5) Cut and placed fence for trellis on bed C2

6) Spread about 1/2 c.y. of grass trimming mulch on beds.

Friday, 7/1/11 from 4:00 to 6:30 PM: Bruce, Lance and Ruth accomplished the following:

1) Tied tomatoes to trellises on beds C2, D1, D2, and E1.

2) spread grass clipping much on the foolwing beds: F1, F2, E1, E2, D1, D2, C2, AB9, AB7 and B4.

3) Mark bought Batteries and installed them into the three irrigation timers.

Saturday, 7/1/11 from 7:00 to 9:30 AM: Bruce, Lance and Mark accomplished the following:

1) Thinned and transplanted corn in beds F1 and F2.

2) Installed trellis poles on beds C1 and A1.

3) Installed fence trellis (first course) on bed A1.

4) Harvested two Northern rows of onions on A1 in order to make room for Trellis.  Most onion had not reached full size.  Mark took onions to his house for drying.  Onions that had been harvested a week earlier and left to dry near composting bins were drying well.  Onion counts:

Onion, Fortress, 68 bulbs.

5) Tomatoes were tied to trellis on bed A1. a couple of Yellow Pear tomatos were ripe (firm but sweet).

6) A little weeding and T-Tape staking was done.

7) Bruce and Mark will return later in the evening to clean tiller and return it to Dick and Wanda Finn.