Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 19 harvest and July 20 planting

On Tuesday 2011 July 19, Bruce, Dick, Judy, Lance, and Terri
(alphabetical) harvested and did other work.  Harvested:

* a small tub of "Georgia Southern" collards (seed inventory #91)
from bed B3;

* 2 pattypan and about 6 zucchini "Raven F1" summer squash
(#35) from bed B3;

* a pattypan summer squash from west end of bed AB7;

* 31 "Touchon Deluxe" (#88) carrots from the two northern rows of bed A4;

* 24 "King Midas F1" (#81) carrots from the third-from-north row of bed A4;

* 53 "coreless Amsterdam" (#87) carrots from the three southern rows of bed A4;

* small crops of tomatoes including variety "Yellow Pear" (#256) from
bed A1, some from bed A2, and some from bed E1;

* two small tubs "Vates Blue Curled" kale (#70) from bed A6;

* a few more potatoes from beds AB10 and CDE10;

* two large coolers of lettuce from the Garden of Grace Auxiliary.  These comprised the varieties:
Ashely, Rosalita, Cimmaron and Freckles, totally approx 60 heads

The above vegetables plus some previously-harvested potatoes and garlic
were delivered to Open Heart Kitchen.

Beds AB10 (excluding the west end now populated by volunteer squash and
new hills of summer squash) and CDE10 were fertilized with composted
manure, which was mixed into the top four inches (roughly), and were
leveled.  The newly-harvested potatoes were discovered during this work.

Some weeds, as always, were pulled.

Aphids were found on a couple of the collard plants in bed B3, powdery
mildew is being monitored on a couple of the Raven zucchini plants in bed B3,
and we are puzzled by wilting of the golden hubbard squash in bed B6.

On Wednesday, 2011 July 19, Bruce, Lance, and Terri transplanted lettuce in
roughly the eastern half of bed AB10.  Twelve of each of the following
varieties were transplanted (except that there were 14 Tennis ball plants).
They are listed in order of planting, starting at the east end of the bed.

* Rouge d'Hiver
* Mascara
* Bronze Arrowhead
* Speckle
* Amish Deertongue
* Reine des Glaces
* Slobolt
* Tango
* Pablo
* Tennis Ball

A 20 ft long ENT frame with deer netting was placed over the newly planted lettuces. Early Thursday afternoon, a 24 ft length (6 ft wide) of 40% shade netting was pinned onto the frame/netting. The netting belongs to Bruce and will be returned after the lettuces are harvested. The netting and shade cover should prevent the turkeys from damaging the lettuces.

An explosion of Pig Weed seedlings is pushing up through the grass mulch on most of the beds.  The weeds pull out easily and quickly by simple grabbing the grass mulch and clippings together. We will need to focus on weeding over the next week.

The upper course of fencing needs to be cut/secured on all of the trellises.

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