Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 5 and 6 harvests

  On Wednesday, 2011 July 6, Bruce, Judy, and Lance (alphabetical) harvested

* 2 small red tomatoes from bed A1
* 7 Raven zucchini (3 rather large, 4 small) from bed B3
* 18 King Midas carrots from bed A4

  We also immobilized T-tape in beds D1, E2, F1, and F2.

  On Tuesday, 2011 July 5, Bruce and Lance harvested

* 2/3 tub of Vates Blue Curled Kale from bed B6
* about 15 pounds chard from bed E2
* about 2/3 tub of Georgia Collards from bed B3
* 3 about-10-inch-long Raven zucchini from bed B3
* 47 carrots, Touchon deluxe, about 15 pounds, from bed A4

  We planted some herbs that had been donatede to Open Heart Kitchen,
mostly in bed C1.

  We also immobilized T-tape in beds AB8 and AB9.

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