Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden work 23 July 11

On 23Jul11, Mark weeded beds AB7, AB8,  AB9, B5, B4, and most of C1.  Pigweed was dominant, with a few, especially among the tomatoes, in flower.  Other weeds were:

Knotweed, mature
Cheeseweed, seedlings
Lamb's quarters, seedlings
Henbit, a few weaklings
Crabgrass, seedlings
Bindweed, short sprouts

Beds still needing attention are A2, E2 and the N-end of D1.  Also, the walking aisles among the tomatoes are in need of weeding.

Tomato tying: Mark tied back all tomatoes that were falling into walking aisles.


Pepper: several of the yellow banana peppers, on bed B2 and AB7 are ready or near-ready for harvest.

Carrots: Bed A2, on which carrots were recently planted, showed no signs of germination, however a large number of pigweed seedlings were present.

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