Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 July 12-13 harvests

On Tuesday, 2011 July 12, Bruce and Lance (alphabetical) harvested the

* About 52 carrots were picked from each of the two southern rows of bed
A4.  The variety in both rows was "coreless Amsterdam" (#87).  We estimated
they weighed 22 pounds including tops.
* About 16 onions were picked from bed A1.  The weight, including greens,
was estimated as about 18 pounds.
* The potatoes that were harvested on July 9 were delivered to Open Heart.
* The beets picked and pickled on June 18 were delivered to Open Heart,
and one of the kitchen volunteers praised them.  See the June 18 blog entry
for details.

The carrots in the most-southern row were harder to pull, probably
because the soil was less shaded and became harder.

On Wednesday, 2011 July 13, Bruce, Judy, and Lance (alphabetical) did some
weeding and harvested the following for Open Heart.

* 6 Raven zucchini (#35) were picked from bed B3.  This was about 2 pounds.
* 1 cucumber, probably "Tasty Jade F1" (#187), was picked; about 8 ounces.
* 2 yellow pattypan squashes were picked from bed AB9; about 4 ounces.
* 1 yellow pattypan squash was picked from bed B3; about 2 ounces.
* 1 tub of swiss chard, assorted varieties, was picked from bed E2; about
10-15 pounds.
* 1 tub Vates blue curled kale (#70) was picked from bed A6; about 20 pounds.
* 40 carrots, coreless Amsterdam (#87), were picked from the third row
  (counting from the south side) of bed A4; about 8 pounds.
* 35 onions (about 7 from bed A2 and 28 from bed A1) were picked; about
  30-35 pounds including greens.
* About 8 pounds of Georgia Southern collards (#91) were picked from
  bed B3.
* About 20 pounds of Red La Sota potatoes were dug from bed AB10.
We think all Red La Sota potatoes have been harvested, except for a
few that became interplanted with volunteer squash.

A small lettuce delivery was also made, consisting of:
10 heads Freckles #224
2 heads Ashley #222
1 head Rosalita #223

This lettuce was grown at the GOG Auxiliary #1.

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