Friday, November 19, 2010

Salad Greens/Chard planted beds B1 & B3

On 19Nov10, Bruce and Mark planted all of the lettuces and salad mix greens that had been previously seeded in late October, and grown under lights in Mark's garage.  In bed B1, we put in approximately 33 rows of 4, oriented N-S.  These plants were placed to the south of the peas in that bed.  The lettuces were planted on the W side of the bed, and the salad mix greens in the center, and arugula (12 plants) on the E side.  In bed B3, which had previously been direct seeded with Little Marvel peas (which did not germinate save one plant), Mark derocked and reformed the bed, then planted out about 6 additional salad mix greens, 12 pak choi, 36 chard (Bright Light, Italian Silver Rib, and Large White ribbed), and 7 spinach (6 Catalina and 1 Summer Perfection).  In total, approximately 200 transplants were put in this day.  On bed B3, only half of the bed is used.  All lettuces and salad greens were spaced about 6 inches all around, and the chard/spinach were in 5 E-W rows, alternating plant spacing, with about 8 inches between plants in the rows.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/10 GOG work

Bruce double-dug the second half or the South 3/4 of Bed B1 and Jennifer weeded bed B2 and helped Bruce broadcast and turn in compost in the top 2 to 4 inches of bed B1. Jennifer also hand-watered beds B2, B3, B4 and B5.  Bruce hand watered peas on Northern 1/4 of B1.  Only a few fava beans have germinated in Bed B2 and very few peas have germinated in bed B3. Collard transplants in B4 are established but not growing vigorously. Newly transplanted Swiss chard (dug from volunteers in untilled portion of garden) appear to all be surviving and taking root. The transplants suffered considerable root damage when they were dug from the untilled soil.

Bed B1 is ready to be planted with lettuce seedings. A5 also needs to be composted (where Turnips and radishes were harvested and where beets have not germinated) and prepared for lettuce seedlings

Weed growth is heavy in untilled area to the East of the B-beds. Need to till the remaining portion of the garden.

Pallet compost buns need to be finished. Abdul will bring another 7 pallets (this week?) to finish bins. 

Black-eyed pea plants need to be pulled and chopped for compost so that the area can be tilled for new beds (A 6 through A10). The adjacent area needs to be tilled for beds B7 through B10 and the remaining Eastern part of the plot needs to be tilled for Beds C1 through C10. Abdul will ask about availability of his friends tiller for this weekend or next week if ir rains this weekend.

11/16/10, GOG harvest for Open Heart Kitchen

Bruce Mark and Maya harvested the following vegetables: 1) 80 radishes, 2) 6.4 lbs of Goliath broccoli (primary heads from 11 plants), 3) 6.2 lbs of collard greens, and 4.2 lbs of Swiss chard. Bruce rinsed the radish roots and delivered the produce to Holy Cross Lutheran (Open Heart Kitchen Location ) with his bicycle and bike trailer.

11/15/10, GOG work

Bruce: Double Dug roughly 1/2 of southern 3/4 of Bed B1.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chard and peas, compost bin

On 12Nov10, Ron and Bruce worked on the pallet compost container.  Ruth and Jennifer dug up about a dozen of the chards that were growing in open ground to the E of the B beds, and moved them into bed B4 (with the collards, chard on the S edge).  Ruth, Jennifer and Mark then planted out about 44 pea transplants (Mr. Big, Alderman, and Sugar Snap) into bed B1, along with the 21 others that were planted yesterday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More peas

Mark and Bruce double-dug a 12 inch-wide strip 20-ft long along the northern side of Bed B1. The soil was a little dry and extremely compacted. Loosened soil depth was about 8 to 10 inches. 1/2 cf of Home Depot Steer manure compost blend was added and mixed into the freshly double dug row and an additional 1 cf of the same compost will be added to the top layer of soil in the 1 ft wide strip. A remaining flat of 16 Sugar Snap and 5 - Mr. Big peas were planted in two rows alternating on 4-inch centers. Another flat of 48 pea seedlings will be transplanted Friday , 11/12/10. Note: need to add compost first!  Also sprayed Safer soap on bed A2 (coles, which have cabbage aphid).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More winter greens photos

On 10Nov10, Mark took several new photos of the winter greens growing indoors.

Weeded and transplanted peas

Bruce and Jennifer weeded about 60% of bed B4 and transplanted 6-sugar snap seedlings into bed A1 in locations where direct-sown sprouted peas had failed. We now have a complete row of climbing peas germinated and growing on 8 inch centers in two rows in bed A1. A cover frame was removed from bed A1 and placed on B5 to make space to install the trellis for bed A1 peas. 21 - pea plants from the flat (16 Sugar Snap and 5 - Mr. Big remain to be transplanted to Bed B1.

Monday, November 8, 2010

11/8/10 Summary

Bruce spoke with Wendy Weathers, Open Heart Kitchen Operations (OHK) Manager and asked when and at what location GOG can make deliveries of produce. She said that deliveries can be made to the Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Mocho Drive in Livermore on Tuesdays after 9:30 AM. since meals are cooked there Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Wendy said that they could completely utilize a delivery of 100 or even 200 radishes in salads in Livermore and Pleasanton during the week. Wendy was very enthused to hear that we would be making deliveries of radishes, collard greens and swiss chard. Bruce will make a bicycle cart delivery of produce to Holy Cross OHK. (organically grown and transported without petroleum :-)  In January, Asbury UMC will restart OHK operation in their new Fellowship Hall and deliveries will be carried from the garden of Grace to the to the Asbury kitchen!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Garlic planted

On 5Nov2010, Jennifer, Ruth, and Mark prepared bed B5 and planted CA Early white soft-neck garlic, Spanish Red hard-neck garlic, and a few Danish Yellow shallots.  Source of plants was Lockhart Seed, Stockton.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New photos posted

On 3Nov2010, photos were taken of the germinating winter greens and posted on Google photos.

Met with Monty

On 3Nov2010, Bruce and Mark met with Monty to discuss soil quality and general ideas about the back 5 acres, and also about potential crops for the beds now in place.

Planted Collards and Cabbage

On 3Nov2010, Bruce and Mark planted out 12 Flash hybrid collard transplants and 2 January King Cabbage transplants in bed B4, on the northern edge in a single row, spaced about 14 inches apart.  These plants had been started from seed at the same time as the other collards and broccoli now in bed A2.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sprayed weeds

On 1 Nov 2010, sprayed young weeds on beds B1, B4-6 with 30% acetic acid.  Sprayed some cheeseweed and pigweed with the acetic acid also.  Also sprayed a patch of filaree seedlings in the rocky parking area with 1:3 household ammonia:water.  Also used that mixture to soak a few yellow starthistles and cheeseweeds.  The ammonia will either help them or hurt them...not sure which.