Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work at Garden 6/28/11

It's June 28th and it started raining about 1.00 PM and has rained on and off all day and evening (now 9:30 PM).

Dick and Bruce installed the first course of trellis fencing on the posts driven on beds D1 and D2.  Dick assembled the two remaining 4' x 10' x 9.5" high raised bed boxes.

Bruce harvested the following for the Open Heart Kitchen:
  • Carrots, Danvers 86                      28 ea.               6 lbs         A5
  • Carrots, Coreless Amsterdam        64 ea.             12 lbs         A5  
  • Carrots, Imperator                         11 ea.               3 lbs         A5
  • Cabbage (large)                               2 ea.          12+3lbs         B4
  • Kale, Vates Blue Curled             1/2 Tub                 6  lbs       A6
  • Collards, Southern Georgia               1 tub                 7 lbs        B3
Total: 49 lbs of produce to OHK.

Largest cabbage was 12 to 13 inches in diameter and weighed about 12 lbs. The outer leaves of both cabbages were thoroughly infested with earwigs and aphids that appear to have occured late enough that they had very little effect on the developement of the heads.  The largest plant had about 12 "axial Brussel sprout- like flowering heads beneath the main head.

Harvested about 1/2 of the A6 bed of Vates Blue Curled Kale Two plants had bolted to the point where the main stem had significantly branched and the leaves were small and numerous. the leaves were smaller (6 ro 8 inches long but were good tasting. Need to harvest Northern side of bed tomorrow.

Harvested 1/2 of the Southern Giant Collards, which were sweet and succulent. Flavor is a little like turnip greens. Need to harvest remaining 4 plants tomorrow. Leaves are spreading out enough that they were significantly shading 2 or three of the crook- necked squash.

Three of the Raven Zucchini plants are growing fast and have started to set fruits.

Beans are growing vigorously in beds B4 and AB9.

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