Friday, June 17, 2011

Work day 17Jun11

On 2011 June 17, Friday, late afternoon, Bruce, Jennifer, Lance,
Mark, and Ruth (alphabetical) worked.

Bed F was rototilled and made ready for planting. Wanda Finn lent her Kubota rototiller for this work.  About 15 bags of manure were worked into the soil.  We achieved a friable depth of approximately 12 inches.  Many large stones were removed.

Bed A3: About 20-30 garlic bulbs were harvested.

About 137 peppers were transplanted, as follows (data provisional):

At the west end of bed AB7, 24 peppers were planted, including
Big Dipper
Fresno Chili

At the western end of bed AB8 some more peppers of the above three
varieties were transplanted.
Next to the east were transplanted
Marconi Rosso.
Next to the east were transplanted these:
California Wonder (#17)
Emerald Giant (#141).
Next to the east were planted
Canary Bell (yellow) (#206).

Most of bed AB8 is now peppers, starting at the west end.

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