Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21-22 harvests and work

Bruce, Lance, and Mark gardened 2011 June 21, Tuesday.

Bruce and Mark rototilled a new bed, using the rototiller borrowed
from Wanda Finn.

The June 21 harvest included
* Red Russian kale from bed B5, about 10 pounds, the plants were no
longer productive and were pulled;
* Vates blue curled kale from bed A6, about 6 pounds, most plants are
still producing;
* 3 small Royal Chantenay carrots;
* 31 yellow and orange sunshine carrots (about 4 pounds);
* 10 Bolero Nantes carrots (about 1.5 pounds);
* 15 Babette carrots (about 1.3 pounds);
* 33 "Danvers 86" carrots (about 15 pounds).

The carrots were all from bed B5. In bed B5 some Danvers 86 carrots
are still present, but the other four kinds are finished. Three of the
Danvers 86 carrots were very large, more than 2 inches in diameter, and
one of those was over 12 inches long.

Judy and Lance gardened 2011 June 22, Wednesday.

Bed F (planted June 18) was watered, as were other plants transplanted
that day.

The June 22 harvest included
* 15 "Charmant" cabbages, perhaps 25-30 pounds, from bed AB9, there are no
* Fiz kale, about a half tub, was taken from bed E2; the plants were pulled.

On both days, weeds were pulled.

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