Saturday, June 18, 2011

Work day 18Jun11

On 2011 June 18, Saturday morning, Bruce, Judy, Lance, and Mark worked.

Before work started, an inventory of the not-yet-transplanted plants located at the garden found
26 Waltham Butternut winter squash (#188)
13 crookneck summer squash (exact variety unknown - origin is Dale McNeal, UOP)
9 melon, Delicious 51 (#145)
6 kabocha hybrid Naguri winter squash (#154)
4 Vietnamese mint (#149)
3 Trombetta di Albenga summer squash (#36)
2 eggplant, Japanese long (possibly #155?)
1 fennel, Zefo Fino (#37)
1 melon, Hale's Best 45 (#144)

That is a total of 65 plants.  Of these, 48 were transplanted.  The following were not transplanted because they appeared moribund or inappropriate:
2 kabocha Naguri (#154)
7 crookneck
1 trombetta (#36)
Vietnamese mint (#149), eggplant, and fennel (#37) (7 plants total).

The following planting and transplanting activities took place:

Planted from south to north:
24 hills of Sugar Buns sweet corn seeds (#171)
4 plants of Waltham Butternut (#188)
24 hills of Double Standard sweet corn seeds (#159)
4 plants of Waltham Butternut (#188)
24 hills of Stowell's Evergreen sweet corn seeds (#146)
4 plants of Waltham Butternut (#188)
24 hills of Painted Mountain flour corn seeds (#160)
4 plants of Waltham Butternut (#188)
16 hills of Earth Tones corn seeds (part of a Three Sisters "kit" sold by Renee's Seed Co.)
16 hills of Sugar Buns sweet corn seeds (#171)
8 plants of Waltham Butternut (#188)

Appending to the plants at the east end, 2 crookneck summer squash were transplanted.

Appending to the plants at the north end, 2 trombetta (#36) summer squash were transplanted.

Spaced throughout the bed and around the remaining two January King (#103) cabbages, all ten melon plants were transplanted:
9 Delicious 51 (#145)
1 Hale's Best (#144)
Interplanted with the melons were four rows of purple royal burgundy bean seed #185.  The rows were placed exactly between the T-tape runs, and seeds were spaced at approximately 2 inches in the row.

Transplanted into the eastern half of the bed, after removal of Vates Collards (#89) stems/roots:
2 Waltham Butternut (#188)
4 kabocha Naguri (#154)
4 crookneck
In this bed, Charmant (#73) cabbages still remain in the W half, more than half harvested but roots still remaining...the Waltham Butternut were placed up against the cabbages.  Kabocha were placed E of these, and then Crooknecks to the E end of the bed.  Purple Royal Burgundy beans were interplanted exactly as in bed B4.

All remaining Bull's Blood Beets (#75) were harvested.  Several were tiny, but a few, especially at the W end of the bed, were large-rooted.  Within an hour after harvest, these beets were processed by pickling and canning.  The result was exactly 6 quarts.  These jars will be presented to OHK.
After beets were removed, three hills of Golden Hubbard winter squash seeds (#131) were planted, centered in bed B6, with five feet separating the hills and five feet separating the end hills from the ends of the bed.  Beans were not interplanted at this time.  Prior to planting these seeds, the book "Golden Gate Gardening" by Pam Pierce was consulted...for the region including Walnut Creek, it was stated that mid-June was the last chance to plant winter squash so we are attempting it.

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