Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Harvest 8Jun11

OHK Harvest day:
Five people worked today: alphabetically, Diana, Erica, Lance,
Liz, and Teresa.  With all that collective enthusiasm we harvested
(weights are very rough estimates):
    * 10 cabbages (about 30 pounds) (bed AB9)
    * kale, Vates blue curled (about 5 pounds) (bed A6)
    * kale, Fizz (about 3 pounds) (bed E2)
    * collards, Georgia (about 3 pounds) (bed B3)
    * swiss chard, various types (about 3 pounds) (bed E2)
    * 8 beets (bed B6)
    * 11 carrots, orange and yellow sunshine (bed A5)
    * 4 carrots, Bolero Nente (bed A5)
    * 7 carrots, Imperator (bed A5)
    * 2 carrots, Danvers (bed A5)
    * 2 bulbs garlic (bed A3)
    Carrots were specifically selected for thinning to make room for
    Other work included watering the plants still in pots, layering and
watering the compost pile, and weeding.

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