Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden workday 2Jun11

Taken from an email sent by Lance:
Missions accomplished except for the weeding.  Diana (as you have seen)
and Liz both took photos.  Harvest estimates:
   10 cabbages, about 18-20 pounds total
   Lacinato kale (finished), from bed A6, about 3-4 pounds
   Fiz kale, from bed E2, about 3-4 pounds
   Vates blue curled kale, from bed A6, about 1-2 pounds
   15(?) beets, from bed B6, about 3 pounds

The large, lovely cabbage in one of Diana's photos was in a separate bed
and was not harvested.  We had to harvest a photo of it, though.

Most of the bindweed flowers were removed to prevent new seeds, but
otherwise weeding was negligible.

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