Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beds B1 - 6 formed, updates

21Oct10 (day 294):
Bed A1: peas have been very slow to germinate (planted day 273, 21 days ago). Only a few of the Mammoth Melting Sugar have germinated, and none of the Sugar Snap.  Spinach is also slow, maybe 8 seedlings at this point.  All radishes, pok choi, and arugula is doing very well.

Bed A5: yesterday harvested one of the Cherry Belle radishes (294-269=25 days)…it was about 1 inch in diameter and perfect. Turnips are very large now, maybe 4 inches across at top, and should be pulled soon. They germinated around day 246 (48 days ago).  Carrots are doing well, but the beets continue to be slow and spotty.

Bed A3: Garlic, as before, the Spanish Rojo is about 12 inches tall now, but only about 3 of the softneck have even poked out leaves.  Yesterday the first leaves of two shallots poking up.

Bed A2: Coles/chard, all are huge now, with the collards needing more room already.  No signs of pests other than turkeys.

New beds: Last Saturday, day 289, Bruce and Mark rototilled the land to the east of the GOG, making room for about 6 more beds (B1 - 6).  As of this writing, Bruce was laying out the beds and also got a load of horse manure donated.

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