Monday, October 25, 2010

Turnip and collard harvest, aphids, updates

25Oct10 (day 298):
Mark sprayed spinosad and bt, and Safer soap on the entire GOG…

Bed A5: harvested two purple top turnips today (298-244=54 days).  They were large and nice, however one had depressions on the surface, probably due to rocks. The other was flawless.

Bed A2: there were cabbage aphids starting on the broccoli.  All of the Goliath, and a few of the Diplomat broccoli have tiny heads now, maybe 1 inch across. Two days ago Bruce and Mark harvested a few large collard leaves and cooked them up.

Bed A3: Many more of the soft neck garlic are now sprouting.

Bed A1: Spinach is very slow to germinate.

Bruce and Mark planted many seeds yesterday in the garage…mostly lettuce, but also chard, spinach, parsley, etc.  I also started pregermination of peas (Little Marvel, Mr. Big, Alderman, Sugar Snap, and Mammoth Melting Sugar). Put them in quart mason jars with cheesecloth lids, with paper towel inside.

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