Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garlic in A3, Peas spinach arugula pak choi radishes bed A1

On 30Sept10 (day 273), Bruce, Ruth and Dean Burnett planted 3 rows each of California Early White soft neck garlic and Spanish rojo red hardneck garlic, plus one row of Danish Yellow shallots (all from Lockhart Seed in Stockton), in bed A3 (this bed was not double-dug).  They planted one clove at each t-tape emitter, so 8 inch spacing.  About 6 days after this planting, the Spanish Rojo garlic has leaves poking up about 1 inch, nothing from the shallots or soft neck garlic.

Bed A5: The beets that Bruce had planted have not worked out for some reason…they just don’t thrive.  The turnips have done very well and are now large plants with leaves spreading out a foot or more in diameter (well shading the weeds).  The rutas are much slower and less vigorous, and many have died.  The radishes are thriving and are getting their first leaves.  The carrots are doing very well, however the Nantes are the least vital.

Bed A2: Turkeys had severely crushed and eaten the plants in bed A2, but now they have largely bounced back, although some collards need to be replaced with transplants.  The chard is doing very well, with leaf miner on one leaf.  Some of the broccoli is very robust now, especially the Goliath.

Bed A1: planted the Mammoth Melting Sugar and the Sugar Snap (Burpee) peas today.  For the peas, planted the MMS on the E half of the bed, along the N edge, in a double staggered row spaced at 4 inches (back row on T-tape emitters and front row between them), and did the same for the Sugar Snap peas on the W half.  Planted seeds from Burpee: spinach Giant 157 hybrid (50 days), arugula (35 days), Pak Choi, Toy Choi Hybrid (30 days), Cherry Bomb II hybrid radishes (25 days), and Giant German radishes (29 days).

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