Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fava bean and pea planting

On 27Oct10, Bruce, Mark, Jennifer and Ruth planted Fava Beans (bed B2) and Little Marvel Peas (bed B3) in the new beds.  Compost blend was added to these beds.  We also replanted the peas that did not germinate previously (bed A1, Mammoth Melting Sugar and Sugar Snap).

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  1. Started to double-dig beds 2B and 3B and found the beds moist but difficult to dig. Decided to let rooting plants and wet season rains soften soil instead. Bed B1 is too dry to double-dig by spade or fork.

    Historic note: Tuesday, 10-26-10 Garden of Grace made it's first delivery of Radishes and collard greens to the Open Heart Kitchen by way of Linda McKeever, Executive Director.