Saturday, January 22, 2011

Planting Day 22 January 2011

On 22 January 2011, beds C1, D1, and E1 (N-S beds) where planted with lettuce seed.  Bed C1 has the Red Sails variety; bed D1 has Salad Bowl (green); bed E1 has Red Salad Bowl.  The lettuce spacing was: transversely 8 inches in rows of 5 and 6, longitudinally 7 inches.  Seeds where topped with a mixture of sieved soil and manure blend.  Bed AB9 was planted with Vates Collard starts on the E end and center, with Charmant Cabbage starts and a few Cauliflowers on the W end.  In bed AB10, La Soda Potatoes where planted on the W end, and Cal White on the E end.  In bed CDE2, some Cal White and Norkotah Russet were planted.  Both potato beds were well forked and raked before planting.  A hoe was used to make a longitudinal furrows, about 6 inches deep and spaced 12 inches apart.  Holes about 6 inches deep were dug in the bottom of the furrows, potato pieces placed in, buds up, and were covered with about 2 inches of soil.  On bed B6, which was about 3/5th sieved previously, Bull’s Blood Beets were bared root planted (by pricking out the seedlings from a flat).  Beets were planted on a 4 inch gridiron.  In bed A1, all Arugula plants were harvested (several had bolted and a few were flowering), and the remaining bok choi plants, which were all strongly in flower, were pulled and sent to compost.

 MGs attending were Judy Matthew, Teresa Godfrey, Mary Tanakit, Diana Marzola, Emily Bailey, Paula Glogovac, Bruce Campbell, and Mark Brunell.  Other attendees were Ruth, Jennifer (Mary’s friend), Miki Okada, and Maya Brunell.

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