Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mustard planted bed B3 and B4

On Wednesday, 5Jan2011, bed B3 was prepped, manured lightly, and planted with India Mustard (Florida Broad Leaf and Southern Giant Curled), using alternating N-S rows of 5 and 4, spaced at 8 inches.  A few rows of the lettuce and pak choi from previous planting was allowed to stay in place on the W edge of the bed.  The bed was lightly watered and covered with row cover.  A few rows of mustard were also planted on the W edge of bed B4, and were not covered.  The mustard starts grew from seeds planted on 15Dec2010.  Other activities included general weeding of the B beds, and rock sifting and removal in bed B6 (about 1/2 completed).  The EMT tube frame was moved from bed A3 to bed B2 (which now has fava beans) in preparation for additional planting of starts.

Arugula was harvested, and the remaining beets in bed A5.  These were delivered to OHK by Bruce.

In attendance were: Judy Matthew, Diana Marzola, Emily Bailey, Bruce Campbell and Mark Brunell.

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  1. Note that the pak choi is bed A1 bolted a several days ago and is now flowering. One of the mustard-type greens in bed B1, and the arugula in B1 are also bolting.