Monday, January 3, 2011

Brief Update for December 2010

Mark and Bruce tilled the remaining GOG garden area on December 16th, bringing the total tilled plot area  to 4,352 sf (64 ft E-W and 68 ft N-S). Of this, 2,371 sf of raised bed space is being created. Tilling started around 9:00 AM and ended around 4:30 PM. new beds were laid out with stakes and twin and six 4ft x25ft beds were formed by digging and moving dirt form the aisles to the beds.

On December 24th, Mark, John and Bruce formed the remaining 5 beds by digging and moving dirt form the aisles to the new beds (three @ 4'x43', one @5'x43', and 1 @5'x16'.)  Miki and Maya weeded beds B4 and B6.

Ron and Bruce worked on three occasions in December to build 3-compost bins, two of which are completely lined with 1/2 wire cloth to isolate newly formed compost piles containing produce trimmings from rodents and other animals. A little work remains to finish the bins (should be completed in the first week of January).

Bruce made arrangements with Dave to have dry leaf and new grass trimmings dropped off for use in the composting operations. About 2 cy from Asbury grounds and an additional 6 cy were stacked in the area east of the Garden beds. 

Master Gardeners Judy, Peg, Diana and Bruce weeded, cultivated and composted beds B3 and A5. Wire trellises were provided for peas on bed B1. mulch was applied to aisles between the new N-S oriented beds.

Master Gardeners Diana and Emily Weeded beds A1, A3 and A5, Bruce and Diana applied mulch to the remaining new aisles. The following produce was harvested:  1.5 # brocholli, 1.8 # Swisschard, 3.2 # collards, 2.5 # arugula. Bruce delivered the produce to the Open Heart Kitchen at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

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