Friday, September 10, 2010

Root vegetable bed A5 update, A1 double-digging

10Sept10 (day 253): bed A5, Magnum carrots (Stokes) started germinating (253-244=9 days), and now are mostly up and thinned. The Royal Chantenay carrots (Stokes) are also up but slower, and the Nantes (Territorial) are just barely starting. Beets are very spotty but there are about 20 or so up with cotyledons.
The turnips are going fast with true leaves already, and the rutabagas are slower but most are doing OK…just cotyledons at this point.

Water has a lot of trouble penetrating that crusted soil and it dries out fast.  Bruce is constructing the drip system tomorrow.

Also cultivated the weeds in the cole bed (A2).  Plants are looking strong.  Some of the chard have been stressed by dryness it appears, and Mark replaced two plants on this day.

In the future, cover the seeds with fine vermiculite or seed starter mix for prevent crusting and hold the moisture.

Bruce and Mark are 2/3 finished with double-digging bed A1.

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