Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Produce harvested and delivered to Open Heart Kitchen 3/8/11

The Following produce was harvested and delivered to the Open Heart Kitchen:
8.4 # of radishes: Garden of Grace Auxillary 1
2.2 lbs of green onions: Garden of Grace Auxillary 1
2.1 lbs of Japanese Giant Red Mustard : Garden of Grace Auxillary 2.
3.7 lbs of  Southern Giant Mustard (B3 & B4)
1.6 lbs of Florida Giant Curled mustard (B3).
3.1 lbs Collards (B4)
0.9 lb Collards (A2)
4.5 lbs assorted lettuces (11 heads)
27.5 lbs

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