Friday, March 4, 2011

Garden maintenance 4Mar11

Finished thinning lettuce in C1, D1, and E1, and did some weeding and rock picking on them as well.  Beds C2 and D2 definitely need attention, especially C2 (weeds).  Removed the straw from the potatoes.  Many of the potatoes are now poking leaves out of the soil.  Tested the new collinear hoe (narrow model from Johnny's), and found that having this tool makes cultivating between the plants fast and easy provided the plants are large and well spaced.  Small plants are easily damaged and easily covered by worked soil.  I worked A6, AB7-9 pretty well.  As for B6 (beets), the spacing was too narrow and the plants too small to do an effective job.  I managed to kill a couple of plants and so I stopped.  Also weeded B2 with the hoe.

Noticed a slug and more cabbage butterflies, but no signs of caterpillar damage on the coles.

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