Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9 Work Day

Bruce, Emily, Judy and Peggy worked in the garden roughly two hours (10:00 AM to 12:00 noon).  germinating lettuce plants direct seeded, were thinned and weeded in beds C1&2, D1&2 and E1.  Large lettuce (green leaf), endive, arugula (4 lbs), and pak choi (2.2 lbs) were harvested (pulled and roots removed). Mature outer leaves were harvested from collards (8.4 lbs) and pick-and-return lettuces and mustard and endive (2.5 lbs). Produce was delivered to the Open Heart Kitchen operations at Holy Cross Lutheran at 12:45 PM.

20 ft frame w/ deer netting was moved from East of the mulch pile and the lettuce beds were hand-watered.
Mark had watered the other dry beds earlier in the morning.

Friday afternoon work party can include turning compost pile and building new one with raked chick weed and mowed greens interbedded with dry leaves and partially composted horse manure. The first compost pile has diminished roughly 12 inches in height from the original 42 inches.

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