Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8Feb11 harvest

Approximately 7 lbs of radishes were harvested from bed 4 at the auxiliary GOG.  Bruce delivered them to OHK.  We had planted several varieties: Sparkler #113, Plum Purple #111, and Champion #110 made a lot of top growth but little or inconsistent root growth…not too happy with those.  The Crimson Crisp Hybrid  #105 did best, with scant top growth but large consistent roots.  Raxe #112 did OK too, as did Cherry Belle #108.  The Crimson Crisp is labeled as Burpee brand but it can’t be located on their website.  These seeds were purchased from Lowes.  On 11Feb11 six additional packets were purchased from Lowes, total of 24g.

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