Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/10 GOG work

Bruce double-dug the second half or the South 3/4 of Bed B1 and Jennifer weeded bed B2 and helped Bruce broadcast and turn in compost in the top 2 to 4 inches of bed B1. Jennifer also hand-watered beds B2, B3, B4 and B5.  Bruce hand watered peas on Northern 1/4 of B1.  Only a few fava beans have germinated in Bed B2 and very few peas have germinated in bed B3. Collard transplants in B4 are established but not growing vigorously. Newly transplanted Swiss chard (dug from volunteers in untilled portion of garden) appear to all be surviving and taking root. The transplants suffered considerable root damage when they were dug from the untilled soil.

Bed B1 is ready to be planted with lettuce seedings. A5 also needs to be composted (where Turnips and radishes were harvested and where beets have not germinated) and prepared for lettuce seedlings

Weed growth is heavy in untilled area to the East of the B-beds. Need to till the remaining portion of the garden.

Pallet compost buns need to be finished. Abdul will bring another 7 pallets (this week?) to finish bins. 

Black-eyed pea plants need to be pulled and chopped for compost so that the area can be tilled for new beds (A 6 through A10). The adjacent area needs to be tilled for beds B7 through B10 and the remaining Eastern part of the plot needs to be tilled for Beds C1 through C10. Abdul will ask about availability of his friends tiller for this weekend or next week if ir rains this weekend.

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